Script Reading Service

With four years' experience reading for the Traverse Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland, Tron Theatre and Papatango Prize, I am now offering a freelance script reading service.

I believe the role of a script reader is to strengthen the script you have, rather than imposing my own ideas for how it should be written - we will focus on strengthening dialogue, structure, form, genre, tone, characters and concept. That being said, as a director, I hope to offer ideas and solutions based on my practical experience of staging work. Having worked in new writing theatre for almost 10 years, I offer my passion and excitement for new ideas and possibilities.

The turnaround for all script services at present is four weeks. I will aim to return the script to you sooner than this where possible. Please refer to the Testimonials page for feedback from playwrights and dramaturgs about the quality of my work.


Prices are based on full-length (40 mins or longer) stage plays. If you have something shorter or in another format, please get in touch to discuss options.

Written Feedback - £65 per script
Please send your script along with three questions or areas you would like me to focus my report on. I will return no less than 500 words written feedback on a full draft, based on the areas you have highlighted and any additional areas that might need focus. I am more than happy to arrange a phone call or receive a voice note from you with your three questions, if this is more accessible for you. 

Written Feedback plus telephone or video consultation - £100 per script

Written feedback as detailed above, plus a 30 minute follow-up telephone or video call to discuss the feedback and any next steps and where you might send your script. I will send you summary notes following the call. If a voice-note/email exchange or similar is more in line with your access needs, please let me know and I'll be happy to adapt to that.

Second Drafts - £40 per script

I will read a second submission of your full length play within 6 months of reading the first and provide a 250 word update. 


Payment is via PayPal and is required up front. I will send a more detailed reply with all the information you need in response to your initial email.


To discuss the above or to submit a script, email katherinenesbittscriptreading [at] gmail [dot] com or use the Contact page. It's not possible to upload a script via my site (yet!) so please send it via email, preferably in PDF format, along with a note of which service you'd like to use and the three areas you'd like me to focus on. Otherwise, get in touch to discuss options and we'll go from there!