Katherine is one of National Theatre of Scotland’s most trusted script readers.  Her dramaturgical instincts are sharp and she has a keen, director’s eye for the theatrical possibilities of a text.  She has a clear, practical approach to supporting a play’s development work and is always empathetic to the writer’s process. 
Rosie Kellagher - Dramaturg, National Theatre of Scotland

Katherine came in and immediately made herself essential to what we were doing. She was one of the first readers we recruited at the Tron Theatre and her approach was vital in shaping the process we’ve used as the programme developed. She is clear and empathetic in how she crafts her feedback - communicating incisive response in a manner that always opens up possibilities rather than shutting anything down.
Michael John
O'Neill - Producer, Tron Theatre

I've been lucky to work with Katherine on developing two scripts; 'North Street' and 'Jade City'. Katherine has a wonderful eye for finding layers and meaning in work. She has excellent dramaturgical skill and can unwrap and unweave complex ideas, emotions and plots in work. She has been able to help me discover many new things in my writing and improve my skills in creating theatre by helping me to present theatrical ideas with greater clarity. 
Alice Malseed, Playwright

Those moments when you know you need feedback but don’t know what to do to build up those early drafts are torturous. You have to let your play go to make it better, but who can you pass it to that doesn’t leave you a quivering insecure mess? When receiving notes from Katherine you can be assured the experience is always a good one. Katherine has great dramaturgical skill, helping you mine through the layers and meaning within your work. Her assistance has helped me look for clarity in my own plays and establish a clear relationship between playwright, narrative and audience. Her feedback is always thoughtful and considered, but it is also incisive in the way it provokes responses so you can fully explore what it is you are wanting to make. ​
Laurie Motherwell, Playwright